Sacred Garden Design & Installation

Have you dreamed of having a sacred garden on your own land, but you don't have time or the skill set to create it?  Maybe you want to sit in or near your sacred garden for relaxation, meditation, inspiration? 


A sacred garden is anything you want it to be!  It doesn't need to have elements of a specific religion or spiritual connection.  It just needs to feel sacred and special to you!  With your input about location, design style, hopes and wishes for your small outdoor garden, we will create a space that it unique to you and your land.  It will be a space you can take some cleansing breaths, allow your body to relax, commune with nature, step away from the routine of the day.  It will be a place to remember that your life is more than the hard or harsh things you may encounter.  Nature is here to nurture, support, and heal our bodies.  

"The whole universe is in the self and springs into existence from the tiny point in the Self referred to as the OM Point. Those who have realized God constantly see the universe as springing from this OM Point, which is in everyone."

Avatar Meher Baba

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