Inner Life Coaching 

Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, hopeless?   Do you feel like a victim of your life?  Do you see moments of joy and happiness, and want to experience more? Can you imagine your life feeling more free in all ways?

I support clients in healing their inner world which transforms their emotional landscape, empowering them to create their greatest longings, release fear, and experience freedom and joy.  Our sessions are 1 hour in length.  This is a time for you to share what is going on in your life, what you would like to change, and how you would like to show up differently in your life, to feel more contentment.  I will reflect back to you what your soul is ready to hear, so you can claim your life in a more empowered way.  I strongly suggest pairing your coaching with a Marconic No Touch Energy Healing. The two together will change your life!

"The whole universe is in the self and springs into existence from the tiny point in the Self referred to as the OM Point. Those who have realized God constantly see the universe as springing from this OM Point, which is in everyone."

Avatar Meher Baba

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