"Superpower" Photography Sessions

How would you like to capture an image of your child in their pure essence? What if they get to set the whole scene; clothing, props, hairstyle, facial expressions, poses, all the things, because why not?  How would you like to set the scene for a photoshoot of you, subtly or not so subtly capturing your superpower?  Sounds fun, right?


I offer "superpower" sessions for children and adults of all ages and they truly are a blast!  Maybe you are artistic, love to make people laugh, have a big imagination, are passionate about helping others, love unconditionally. Although not usually unnoticed by others, we often dismiss our own innate powers, but they are what shine brightly within each of us, and when embraced, they can lead us to a more fulfilling life.  Let's highlight and fully own our amazingness! 


We begin with a 30-minute meeting to get to know each other and learn about your "superpowers".  During the pre-photoshoot meeting we discuss ideas for the photoshoot and how to come fully prepared.  We will meet within the following 2 weeks for the photoshoot. Please anticipate being in the studio for at least an hour.  Following the session, we will meet one more time to review the best images from the shoot and your child will pick the ONE image they feel expresses their personality and "superpower" the best. I will  print the image on a 16 by 20 canvas to be hung, hopefully in their bedroom, as a reminder of their true awesomeness. Don't worry parents, you will get to pick your favorite 5 to 8 images and I will share them with you as downloadable high-resolution images to share and print.

Let's do this!! Give me a call so we can set up a "Superpower" Session!

"The whole universe is in the self and springs into existence from the tiny point in the Self referred to as the OM Point. Those who have realized God constantly see the universe as springing from this OM Point, which is in everyone."

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