Holistic Executive Functioning Coaching for Children Ages 5 to 12

Is your child struggling in school, relationships, or feeling like a failure?  Do they seem overwhelmed with the demands of life?  Do they struggle with working memory, sustained attention, planning and prioritization, organization, time management, flexibility, or goal-directed persistence.  Holistic Executive Functioning Coaching could be really helpful in helping them feel more grounded in life, feeling empowered to find success, and bringing back their spark.


I offer one-on-one holistic executive functioning coaching for children ages 5 to 12.  I believe the key to a successful life is having a deepened understanding of who we are, what gifts we offer, and how to deeply inhabit our bodies so we can prosper in this game of life. 

I offer children a way to remember the fun and joy of life, without suffering from the heavy feelings that may be taking them out. We will practically work with the specific executive functioning challenges, while balancing our time with a self-love and self-reflection practice.  We will use the Byron Katie's, "The Work", mindfulness practice, self-responsibility, and choice-point.  I draw from many resources, teachings, and methodologies. Each session is tailored to the individual child's experiences, needs, and interests. We will set goals and intentions for growth along the way. We will have fun, collaborate together to nurture a healthier, vibrant, and more love-filled life, preparing your child for success inside and outside of school.


Each session is 60 minutes. 


For an additional fee, I offer a 15 minute (hands-off) Reiki healing session, which will allow the body to integrate the lessons learned, feelings felt, and to set the intentions in motion.  The Reiki healing session will also heal and relax the body, mind, and spirit. You will see results that you weren't even expecting.  Our bodies are meant to have optimum health and therefor excel in all ways possible.  There are lots of things that are causing children to struggle these days, but we have tools to offer their bodies.  Energy healing is one way. 

There are two options for Holistic Executive Functioning Coaching, a weekly ongoing session or a 12-week program.  Both options are offered as a one-to-one experience.  The 12-week program includes professional pictures of your child in a "superhero" photoshoot.  In this shoot, your child will create the setting, props, and their entire look.  They will decide what expressions and emotions they would like to capture.  Their favorite image, the one they feel represents their true self, will be picked by your child, and printed on a 16 by 20 canvas.  My hope is that this image will be placed in your child's bedroom, to remind them of the empowerment work they accomplished, and their strength and acceptance of their gifts.  The 12-week program is a great start to helping your child find more balance, peace, and success in their life.  I encourage families to continue with weekly empowerment coaching sessions concluding the 12-week program.  


In our fast-paced environment, mindfulness, reflection, and hopefulness will support and prepare our children for their very full lives.  Give me a call if you would like to learn more or chat with me about this opportunity.  I would love to work with your child to help them find more freedom, self-love, and understanding of their unique selves, so they can ultimately have more joy, which will naturally lead to more success.

"The whole universe is in the self and springs into existence from the tiny point in the Self referred to as the OM Point. Those who have realized God constantly see the universe as springing from this OM Point, which is in everyone."

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